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    Adobe Premiere Pro CC not opening an xml file created in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014



      I had created a project using Adobe Premiere CC 2014 which had some minor changes, which were going to be done by my boss, who uses Premiere Pro CC. However the project file of Adobe Premiere CC 2014 was not getting opened in Premiere Pro CC giving a message of type that as this file was created in a newer version of Premiere, it cannot be opened. After searching on this forum I found that we have to convert the Premiere Pro CC 2014 project file to XML file which can be then imported onto Premiere CC. So I created a XML file by selecting File-> Export -> Final Cut Pro XML and sent it to my boss. However even the xml file is not getting opened after being imported onto Premiere Pro CC giving an error of sorts, Cannot open the file since there is a problem with the codecs.

      Have I done something wrong? Please guide me since I am a beginner to the Adobe environment and would very much appreciate any help.

      Thank you.