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    Using these forums.

    Peter B. Bailey Level 1


      This has nothing to do with InDesign, but, I don't know where to pose these questions. I'm going nuts with this forum. I've sent multiple emails to "forums@adobe.com," but, nobody responds.

      1. I have to close down Safari and go back in three or four times before I can get the forum link to work. It's just dead there.
      2. I no longer get email notifications when someone has answered a question I posed. I have to manually go into the forum every half hour or so to see if anyone's responded. The forum used to be much "healthier" in that regard. I was always notified when I got a response from anyone.
      3. I opened a discussion yesterday. But, today, there's no way for me to continue or see that discussion anymore. Only the most current discussions are shown. And, there's no visible way for me to see any "old" ones.