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    Fireworks 8

      Every time i move to a new file, the brush tool defaults to 13 Soft Rounded. Is there a way to make it default to Hard line?
      I have 108 files that need touching up and I'd like to do it without having to change the brush each time.
      If anyone has figured this one out, I'd really appreciate your help.
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          I was going to say yes, but its not recorded in the Fireworks 8 Preferences.txt so no its not possible from I am seeing at least.

          C:\Documents and Settings\amusselm\Application Data\Macromedia\Fireworks 8\English

          I see:


          But not a setting for Brush Color size.... *sigh*

          I've logged an Enhancement Request so we can remember to add a new attribute to the pref txt file to record the brush size.

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            Hi Alan,

            Thanks for the response and for putting in the request. Now that I know it's not there, I won't be thinking about it every time I open a a new file. :)