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    Warp Stablizer: Clicking "Analyze" does nothing




      I've tried a few things at this point and I'm not sure if there's another existing workaround or if this is a known error.


      Occasionally, when I try to apply Warp Stablizer to a clip, it says "Click Analyze to Being" but clicking so in the effects panel does nothing. I've double checked that the clip and sequence size match (1920x1080), reapplying the effect, copy pasted it from another clips, and finally I tried nesting the clip and applying that way, but nothing works.


      While this happens to clips newly placed in the sequence it just happened to a clip that already had the effect successfully applied. I continued my edits and now it's prompting me to analyze...and of course I ran into this problem. Thoughts? Suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!