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    Change Image Size in existing Video Project?


      First post, Premiere NOOB.  I have a Premiere Pro CS6 developed video that I had done for me for which I also got as part of the receivables all the component Premiere files so that, 1) I could make minor changes myself (I have CS6), and 2) if the developer was unavailable in the future (which is the case), I had everything needed to continue the project.


      The video includes a Star Wars style screen crawl.  It was originally developed to fit inside an existing PowerPoint presentation in the traditional, not widescreen, format.  Now I want to post this on YouTube.  I have made text changes to the crawl and such and it works fine, except the background image is still narrow and thus there is black space on either side of the video when rendered, which also then shows in YouTube.  The original background image in the file is plenty large enough to cover a full HD width.  Is there a way to just expand the background image to cover the entire widescreen without changing anything else?