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    CC 2014 Black Screen Multicam

    VidNoob Level 1

      I've tried making a new sequence, resetting workspaces... What is the deal with this?



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          g7sharp9 Level 1

          Ok, it looks like you didn't create a Multi-Cam session the way you're supposed to.  Putting two clips on top of each other is not how it's done.


          In the Project Window select both clips

          Right-click on one of them and choose Create Multi-Cam Source Sequence.

          Choose how you want to sync them (usually by audio for me)

          When it's done, right click on the new sequence and choose "Create Sequence from clip"



          Now when you click on the Multi-Cam button in the Program Window you'll be able to see both views at the same time and change between them at will while playing.





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            VidNoob Level 1

            Thanks I'm an idiot, i am moving over from CS6 and could have sworn you didnt need to nest and enable multicam to do it anymore, ugh.

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              g7sharp9 Level 1

              hehe, no that's still necessary. 

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                milesj96963805 Level 1

                I want to clip FOUR cameras, and they have different clip lengths, so I need them synch. These clip are different parts of the time line, as the different cameras produce different clip lengths.(Nightmare as each clip also has a dead set of frames at start and end depending on the make of camera, for over lap)  I have a 1 hr project to do, with four cameras.

                I used to synch visually using the audio track, and manually drag and trim these different clips to make them all sync. I did this easily in CS5.5  but now its almost impossible as the visual of the sound is virtually useless as you no longer display actual sound waveform absolutely vital seeing sound errors and noise.  Due to drop out errors in the encode in these files (It happens) so I need to deal with it, I need to accurately manually trim a few frames one way or another to bring a clip to sync.

                These are facts of life when dealing with encoding errors. I need to do this. I was able to do so in CS5.5, but the visual here in CC is a crude mess, with the loss of accurate visual representation of what is going on with the file. Its one main reason I gave up on FCP.


                So:- how do I get these 4 clips to sync, and where is the multicam screen.?

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                  g7sharp9 Level 1

                  The lengths of the clips doesn't matter.   Watch this video for help - Premiere Pro New Features - The New Multicam and Audio Based Syncing on Vimeo

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                    milesj96963805 Level 1

                    Hi Many thanks for the fast response.  Its clear that I have to do alot of work to re-order my lips for each hours edit in one bin. This is completely different from how I have done my projects before. It means I have to have ONLY clips for this one edit in any one project. So as i have a massive backlog of edits I will retransfer all my clips to my older systems and get on with the edits there, and leave CC to when I dont have so much work to do, and see how I have reorder all my work flow to suit this different way to do edits. The pressure of get this urgent material done, means sopending so much time of this is not an option.


                    I have two systems that work, I will use them to get this massive load done. I will faze in CC when I have time.. god knows when


                    One mentioned some other software that is needed to get the audio and clips all synced up, I couldn't quite get what it was. I was not aware I needed a different set of software to get CC to work, what is it please?

                    A lot of my interview material., uses SKYPE which is lip-sync error city when it comes to synchronising the studio cams, and the other media. I had hoped to simply load my 4 hrs of interview with 4 different cameras including Skype, into CC and just get on with the edit. Thats obviously not going to happend in the next 24hrs

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                      g7sharp9 Level 1

                      The program he mentioned for syncing audio is called Plural Eyes.  But Premiere CC does this really well, and so in my opinion, you don't need that software.


                      If you want to put a couple of the clips into a Dropbox folder and share them with me I will try and help.  my email is mendez.will@gmail.com


                      The software really makes it easy and it does not take much time at all to sync them.  Your old way of syncing them manually sounds painful!

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                        milesj96963805 Level 1

                        Sorry, but Premier does not do it. I have been in discussion with your teck adviser people and they agreed. I have not even logged in that computer for almost 2 months since. Yet still being charged.  I have gone back to PP 5.5 but Adobe will not activate it so I am stuffed


                        Its very simple Hour and half long multi cam lectures covered with 4 cameras cannot be edited with your software, if any of the cameras break or there is any form of disruption or gap. (as in DLRs you have  manually restart them)  The segmented content will not be seen after the first 24 mins. Anything no continuous is simply no recognized. The audio on all sources works for the first  cameras sections  until the first break. Then end of line. I could lug my tape cameras around ina truck, and use tehm, but one dropped frame from any of those, and your new system will not allow them either.