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    Images not appearing in help file RoboHelp HTML Version 10


      I am generating an html user manual using Robohelp. Now, we are trying to generate localized versions of the same manual. We sent my original files to the translation agency and received localized versions of the html pages. However, the agency did not generate the entire help file. In order to generate a localized help with localized skins, index, TOC etc, I generated a copy of my entire user manual folder and have replaced my original html files and associated images generated by Robohelp with the localized files and images. The names of the files remain the same in all languages. For the most part, this strategy worked when I opened up the project in Robohelp. In the designer view, I am able to view and edit the localized files.


      I did have a number of issues that I was able to resolve by directly editing the files. I have changed the project and topic settings to the language of interest and have been able to generate a localized skin, TOC, index etc. The only issue is that some of the images do not appear when I generate the help file despite appearing in the designer view in Robohelp. I have deleted and reinserted images multiple times, played around with shortening the image path (by moving my top level folder), changed image formats (from png to gif or vice versa), copied in fresh images, renamed and inserted images. I have even gone into the code of the original html file and deleted the image there, then reinserted a fresh image in Robohelp. I have also made a fresh topic, copied over text from the original topic, reinserted the images and I still have the image not appearing when I generate the help file.


      Does anybody have any idea what is going on? I am completely stumped by this.



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First a sanity check: in the RoboHelp editor, do the images correctly show up? Or do you see red bordered squares?


          If you generate your output, are the image files copied over to the output at all?


          Kind regards,



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            medtechwriter Level 1



            Thanks for responding. The images show up perfectly fine in the editor, but when I generate the output a blank square the size of the image is shown. I am attaching a screenshot showing you what I mean. If I delete and then reinsert a completely different image that has previously shown up in my output, I can see that image perfectly fine. This makes me believe that the localized images are corrupted. Most of the localized images were taken by an automated script. The original English screenshots (which all appear normally in the output) were all captured by hand (Print Screen and copy paste into Paint originally). Many of the localized screenshots do work, but maybe something went wrong during the capture of the ones in question. Unfortunately, I do not have another set of images to work with at the moment so until I can obtain a fresh set of screenshots, I think I may be stuck.

            Image screenshot.gif

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi there


              When you generate the output, are you enabling the option for converting filenames to lower case?


              If not, try it and see if things change.


              Another thing to do is examine the output location and ensure the image is actually present where the page is expecting to find it.




              Cheers... Rick