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    Slower with New PC


      Hello Guys,


      I've a question for You

      First let me list my Old and New configurations



      4670K Stock

      ASRock Z87 Extreme4

      16GB RAM 1600MHZ CL10

      GTX 780

      ARC 100 SSD

      Caviar Blue 1TB



      5820K Stock

      ASRock X99 Extreme6

      16GB RAM 2133MHZ CL15

      GTX 780

      ARC 100 SSD

      Caviar Blue 1TB


      Where is the problem?

      I tryied to render a video on my old PC, it took roughly 1 hour and 5 minutes

      New PC with the exact same configuration of Windows and AE (same version, same driver, except for AHCI and chipset since they are different) took about 2 hours and 9 minutes

      I disabled Hyperthreading, and it took about the same just a few minutes more


      I suppose 6 core is way more faster than a 4 core plus they have roughly the same frequency the only difference is RAM

      DDR4 compared to DDR3 are way more slower because of high Latency


      Is this the problem? Can a Quad-Channel configuration with CL15 and 6 core "lose" vs a Dual Channel configuration with CL10?


      Please help me since it's a really important thing, I just wanted few minutes faster maybe, like from 1 hour to 50 minutes, for me would be really good, even few minutes for me are essentials


      Thanks for Your reading/help


      EDIT: Forgot to say, Windows 7 and After Effects CS6