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    Time coding a Time-lapse 3+ hours???

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      I can't seem to find any reference or help for this.


      Here is the background - process - problem...


      I have a series of still frame (18,000+ as an example) that I create a movie sequence from. I import into AE and a create two compositions.

      The first is the actual time lapse frames in a sequenced movie.

      The second is a composition that I set to be the length of time that the actual event process took. I then add a layer with SMPT time code that is basically just a simple time counter counting up the duration (in hours minutes and seconds) of the event.


      l then time remap the counter comp and overlay it on top of the actual frames of the sequence. For example in real time the event may last 2 hours and I shoot it 1 fps to make a few minute final time-lapse. This is quick and easy to overlay the counter and display an accurate elapsed time.

      THE PROBLEM is when I have real world durations of multiple hours (anything over 3 hours) I can't make a composition that long to get the full sequence of numbers from the counter to time remap onto the overlay for elapsed time. I don't want to split up the counter into various 1 hour chunks and sequence them because that gets tricky matching the actual times accurately. Is there a way to use an expression or something to time code and remap at the same time or something??? The real world time may be several hours but the time-lapse is under 10 minutes.

      I hope this makes sense...

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          Universal clock


          Universal counter


          And by all means do not create data that you are not going to need. I mean time-remapping uses real time, does it not? Even manually copying those values and keyframing e.g. the Numbers effect's value would certainly work. Creating an extra comp just for it strikes me as one of those "Oh, I need it precise down to the nanosecond" things we often encounter here in relation to high-FPS footage without the people giving any regard to how the temporal quantisation will actually never even display some values. If you condense 3 hours or more down to 10 minutes your precision threshold is half a minute or less. Do people actually care whether the readout says 01:10:30:12 or just 01:10:00:00 when this value will be displayed for 2 or 3 frames and they barely notice?  Seems like a lot of fuss for nothing...