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    Can anyone help with loading a js library

    onboardacademics Level 1

      I am trying to write code for drag and drop.  I am taking the lynda.com course and following the directions.  I am using a mac 10.x and the current edition of edge animate.  I go to jqueryui.com and download the latest library, version 11.x.x.  I then unzip it and import it into scripts using the + button.  The end result shows js/jquery-ui.min.js under scripts in the library.



      Lynda.com recommends that I run the following code from the stage actions under creationComplete.







      I do that but when I show in browser (latest chrome) I do not get the alert. 


      To check:

      I write the following code.



      I do not get the desired results in either case; no alert and no draggable symbol "h".


      Any advice would be appreciated.