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    Javascript API and server-generated URLs


      I'm creating a Shopify site for a client and part of the site is a complex Adobe Edge Animate animation. Shopify uses server-generated paths to files. My animation uses images and audio.


      It looks like the animation sets a base path set in the Publish settings then it sets everything itself in the Javascript runtime and associated files. With Shopify, I end up with image URLs that are like this one: "cdn//path//image.gif?234324". I don't have a absolute path with an absolute file name.


      Does anyone know of a way I can put these specific unique server-generated paths to the files needed for my animation in the files for my animation? Basically, can I customize and control the entire URL to all the files needed for my animation?


      I see how I can put any URL for assets in the edge.js file. My bigger problem, I think, is being able to customize the URLs for the edge.js and edgeActions.js files.


      If anyone has any ideas, I'd really, really appreciate it!