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    Clone with static camera while objects is movie across the screen




      First of, Merry Christmas to everyone!


      I would like to do a cool edit.


      As an example you can look 40 sek in, in this video.


      http://snowboarding.transworld.net/how-to/how-to-snowboard-switch-backside-540s-with-devun -walsh/


      Now to my question, are you able to do this with Premiere Pro (CC). The effect that comes to my mind is "Eight-point Garbage Matte" to do a clone effect, and to differ this effect in keyframes will be ahell of a work. So is there any other, more easy way to do this.


      Or is After Effect more suitable for this task?


      Either way, if you know which effect to use and program, or an tutorial somewhere then that would me most appreciated!


      Cheers mates