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    Premiere Elements 13 Major .MOD Widescreen Concerns

    A.T. Romano Level 7

      Recently Premiere Elements 13 user Flash Curious posted a thread to inquire about some incorrect Interpret Footage and Properties readings that were seen for a .mod widescreen file imported into a Premiere Elements 13 project.

      Premiere Elements Misinterprets Clip Size on Import

      Initial focus was on the resolution 540 x 480 seen instead of the expected 720 x 480.


      I finally got Premiere Elements 13 (purchased version) installed today and gave the situation a look with Flash Curious's file as well as with one that I found in storage. I found that

      Interpret Footage/Properties readings for the same .mod widescreen file were different when comparing Premiere Elements 13 versus Premiere Elements 12 and earlier. There was no indication that Premiere Elements 13 was doing it "right" and more indication that there was a significant problem, beyond the usual, with the way that Premiere Elements 13 was interpreting this type of file. The reliability for Premiere Elements 13 to edit .mod widescreen files is being questioned.


      I typically do not work with .mod widescreen files. So, if anyone else does, please let us know if you have run into this situation. The blanket "change the Pixel Aspect ratio in Interpret Footage to D1/DV Widescreen" to correct the .mod widescreen Premiere Elements matter no longer seems valid for the situation in Premiere Elements 13. The details of my tests on this matter can be found in the following



      I will be doing some more testing on this.


      Thank you.