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    Premiere crashes when linking media

    barker85 Level 1

      Hi there,


      Premiere crashes almost every time I try to link media. The project file is on the computer's C drive, which has 1TB spare, the graphics card is using its latest driver and the machine is almost brand new. The media is 4K RED files on 2TB USB 3 drives. The project also has some old incarnations of the project subsumed in it via imports.


      Please find the PC specs here:


      Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

      16GB RAM

      i7 4790 processor

      NVIDIA GTX 760


      If I can provide any additional information please let me know.


      Any thoughts are hugely appreciated.



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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          4K RED files over USB3.0 isn't the ... happiest? ... file read/write option I can think of. As noted on the Tweaker's Page (found through the hardware forum) on thorough testing while running PrPro, USB3 drives simply don't have the sustained read/write throughput for "full" use. Though some get by with up to 1080p files, the sheer amount of data from a 4K RED rig is probably choking the "pipeline". That could be a substantial part of the issue.


          Next ... some old bits subsumed via imports ... this could also be part of the issue. You might need to start with just the 'new' footage, then bring in the old stuff piece by piece ... if it chokes on one, well ... there's your issue.



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            barker85 Level 1

            Thanks very much for the info Neil.


            I'm aware that USB3 isn't ideal but it is still unsatisfactory for Premiere to crash every time I try to link media (which has completely apprehended any work being done) and I did not have this problem on previous versions and it does so even with files from the current project.


            Additionally, surely it should still also be possible to work with and link footage from imported sequences from old projects? If you are suggesting to import each sequence individually the problem is I also need additional files from old projects that aren't sequences.


            Many thanks for any suggestions to solve this...

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The newest versions of PrPro come with some apparently major code changes, especially how they apply some of the effects. In other words, the "apparent" effect is just the same, but the code to create that (and what it's **** behind the curtain) is apparently different, some things like that (much surmise here). The result is not all steps of all previous projects come "forward" properly. The footage, yes; the project's settings and effects, maybe, maybe not so well.


              Kevin Monahan, staffer that frequents this forum and is EXCEPTIONALLY helpful here ... is a man of many years experience in pro video. He was a certified expert and trainer on FCP I believe years ago, actually on the design team for a version or so, and has done a lot of major editing work. He notes that no matter what anyone says about it, he ALWAYS taught the Bible of Pro Editing ... no project ever got updated software while in process. For the exceptions, a new project file would be created in the newer software version, then each asset or group of similar assets got brought "forward" individually and tested for proper operations. After everything was working, THEN the project could officially take off in new software versions.


              With so many continual projects these days, and with continual "upgrades" of software, this is a right b*tch to follow. But still wise. Especially as a project nears completion, it's wise to leave it in whatever version it's in. For someone like me who's got one machine for all editing purposes, going back and forth between software versions is a much bigger pain than say if I had a pair of editing machines, one running newest, one just back a bit, and then leap-frog them as things move forward. There's also cloning and swapping discs as a way to change software ... and of course CS6 and any one of the CC versions can co-exist on the same machine "live" at any time. Multiple CC versions ... no. Only one CC version at a time.


              USB3 may not be the reason for your crashes, but it could be part of the chain of events. The newest versions of PrPro as noted are heavier apps than before, demanding more resources ... and for that demand, capable of new tricks. Some of the Old Things they actually do differently, so what was once able to run the older versions has nothing to do with being able to run here & now. It's an unfortunate part of modern life with these blamed computer tools. One that someone like me operating on a rather smaller hardware budget than many of the folks who post here do finds ... difficult, rather challenging ... but there it is.


              One suggestion ... when migrating a project or it's assorted bits & pieces "forward" ... I do suggest copying any assets no matter what they are (sequences, stills/graphics, footage, sub-clips, anything) into new folders created for that new project, then importing  them into the project as you copy them forward. Check out say, the footage scrubbed in the source monitor or what not ... the sequences individually scrubbed on the timeline, that sort of thing. If you hit a glitch it's easy to know what that glitch is related to rather than hunting through gigs of project stuff to find one dang frame or subclip or effect that's killing the whole thing.



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                barker85 Level 1

                Thanks very much for the info Neil.


                I have tried copying problematic files to the C drive and this still causes Premiere to crash when I attempt to link them so I can only surmise that this is primarily a problem with the imported projects created in previous versions of Premiere rather than the files being accessed via USB3.


                I am now stuck with the problem of having two substantial Premiere Projects (for the same film project) created with different versions of Premiere, both of which contain months of work that seem to be essentially incompatible with each other. I have as suggested created new folders (and pasting all items into them) within each project before importing them (apologies if I have got this method wrong) but the problems continue. I am very much hoping that there is a way around this.


                Additionally, I am wondering if there is any way to see what version of Premiere a particular project was saved with? The old project prompts Premiere to convert it when opening with the latest version and CS6 cannot read them. With the project converted to the latest version of Premiere, video files within the project routinely cause Premiere to crash when I attempt to link them, which renders the project useless. Ultimately I would really like just to be able to import old projects into the latest version of Premiere without problems.


                Any thoughts are greatly appreciated...

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                  R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Sorry that I can't give you an easy answer, and that Kevin and Mark (Adobe staffers that haunt here) are out on the Adobe mid-winter break and not too available at the moment. There've been enough changes in how some of the effects are accomplished as far as coding and ... my surmise ... inter-relations of effects also ... through the last few iterations, and moving projects forward has become a bit of a pain for many. CC 7.x and CC8.x versions (the "original" CC version, and the CC2014) can be installed simultaneously on a computer, so if a project was started in say CC7.1 you can have that version installed and continue working within it.


                  It gets a bit sticky if you're using say AE and or SpeedGrade also as you would need the equivalent versions of those also installed. And as they do not number the various programs the same as their direct equivalent builds in the others, figuring out which ones make a "set" is a bit of a further pain. This is the Recommended Approach to the continued new versions of the Adobe DVA's.  Keep a prior "set" running for use with "current" projects while loading the next main iteration as a separate install for "new" projects, until your older projects are done. CS6 sets can be "up" regardless.


                  So ... if you still have project files of say CC7-something, I'd probably just try and set up a set of those era programs and continue those projects in them. Start new projects on the CC2014 issues.


                  For migrating a project forward ... create a new project in PrPro "new", then copy say the smallest sequence into it, with the bins of footage involved & other assets. Play through it, see that it's working or if there's a kink. When that's ok, bring more up to the new project. At any rate, that is the recommended and wise way of doing things. And as Kevin notes, for him ... 20+ years in the business of pro editing, including the first bunch on FCP, that's what he always did back then with his pro work, and as a certified FCP teacher, what he always taught. He seems a bit puzzled about people just moving entire projects forward mid-project without testing copies first, as to him, that was just how one made sure one had something deliverable. I hadn't thought of doing it, but see now he has a point. Ah well, I'd love simplicity but ... sigh.


                  I imagine there is a way to figure out what version any project file was in, somehow to get that off the file header or something, but I wouldn't have a clue.



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                    barker85 Level 1

                    Thanks very much for the info Neil.


                    I have tried the method you have suggested for importing the clips but unfortunately Premiere still crashes as soon as I attempt to link any missing media.


                    Additionally, Premiere crashes almost every time I try to link media (in all versions), even in projects created in the version of the software that the project was initially created with and even with clips copied and linked to the C drive.


                    For example as a test, I created a new project, imported a clip, closed Premiere then cut/pasted the clip from an external drive to the C drive. When re-opening Premiere and linking the clip Premiere crashed.


                    This is becoming a huge problem so surely there must be a solution? Many thanks...

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                      R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I would think there should be a solution as re-linking projects from other computers has been a staple of this NLE since version 1 probably ... and a ton of people work this way daily. If shooternz or Ann Bens or Kevin-Monahan popped in here, might get you some help ... there's others but those just popped to mind.