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    Publishing Cancelled - Access Denied

      When publishing projects the message 'Publishing Cancelled - Access Denied' is displayed although it would appear that it has published correctly. However by displaying the message it stops further publishing until the error is cleared. As you can appreciate this is a major inconvenience when publishing a large number of projects.

      Can anyone help please
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          This crops up occasionally and I have never got to the bottom of it. Some say it is because one of the files or folders has become marked Read Only but when I checked my target, that was not the case.

          Fortunately fixing the problem is usually straightforward. The quickest way is to rename the target folder and publish again using the original name, or publish to a new target folder with a different name. After that you can trash the original and rename the new folder.

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            I ran into this problem a couple of weeks ago and eventually resolved it by doing as Peter suggested, that is, I published to a new folder, deleted the original, and renamed the new folder to the original. The only circumstance I can think of that might — or might not — have been a factor was that some Microsoft patches had been applied to the server (which is running W2K) just a day or so before I experienced the problem. However, only one of my project folders (out of 3 or 4) on that server was affected. Go figure.

            - Nina
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              When it happened to me I was publishing to the hard disk and no patches had been applied!!