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    Can't get CameraRaw 8.7 installed in Windows 7 Lightroom 5


      Bought my wife a Canon 7d Mark II for Christmas. Want her to be able to upload photos she takes, but can't get CameraRaw 8.7 to install.  I updated to Lightroom 5.7.  Lightroom updated fine, but I've downloaded the plugin installer package twice and both times it says it installs, but then I still can't open the raw images I've tried.  I have a physical copy of Lightroom 5 not the monthly rental one (don't know if that matters).  The plug in doesn't appear in the plug in manager section at all.  Lightroom says it's up to date.  The system info for 5.7 says it's just 5.7 though and not 5.7.1 but clicking update says I have the latest update installed.  Spent last 2 hours trying to do this...  Hoping it's just something stupid on my part.