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    Cannot Find Installed Extension

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      I have created a custom panel for CS6 and another for CC, then created a zxp file and certificate for each (based on the version of Photoshop). I have installed both using each programs version of Extension Manager and according to extension manager they were both installed successfully.


      The problem is the panel does not appear in Photoshop when it's opened. Does anyone have any idea why it isn't appearing. All the correct boxes are ticked in the preferences as well, I have no idea what it going on.


      Does anyone have an idea why they aren't appearing in Photoshop?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Both versions or just one and which version of CC, or CC 2014.  Adobe removed Flash Panel support from CC 2014. Many old extension used Flash Panels and these need to be converted to HTML 5 panels for use in CC 2014.  The reason there is no Mini bridge in CC 2014 is because mini bridge used Flash panels as did Adobe exchange and Kuler.  Kuler has bee updated and renamed to Adobe Color Themes which can be downloaded for CC 2014 using menu Help>Browse Add ons.

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            Thanks for your reply


            I am having the same issue with both versions, CS6 and CC 2014.


            With CS6 I can drop the panel into the Adobe under my program files and it appears in the extensions menu, but when I attempt to do it using a ZXP File, it installs fine with Extension Manager but no longer appears in CS6. I wouldn't worry about CS6 too much, but I want to distribute the panel, and this will be much simpler with a zxp file.


            With CC I did hear that they have gone to HTML based, but not sure what I need to do there. The panel is created in Configurator 4 and set up for cc, then the files are then re-boxed in Extension Builder. They also install with Extension Manager CC without a problem, but do not appear in Photoshop CC 2014 once installed.


            I'm at a complete loss.

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              Adobe removed Flash Panel support in Photoshop CC 2014 the extension most likely used flash Panels created by Configurator.  Panels that use HTML 5 are now needed for uses with CC 2014.

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                Any idea why it doesn't work in CS6?


                Or how I build a panel for CC 2104?

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                  You need a different build for each version of Photoshop.  A CC version will no work on CS6 and a CS6 version will not work in CC. You need to use the correct extension manager and the correct zxp file for each version od Photoshop you want to use the extension in.  You stated you created the extension for CS6 and CC  did it ever work?


                  I have only  created one quite some time ago. For CS5 and CS6 using the correct Adobe configurator and extension managers They worked but having  to rebuild and adapt for version of Photoshop was not worth doing when my scripts work in Photoshop CS2 through CC 2014.  Though Perpetual CS6 introduce a bug in Scripting.  Though fixed in the subscription version of CS6 the fix was not made available for  perpetual CS6.  If a user does not change  their default interpolation from Adobe poor default setting Bicubic Automatic  Adobe scripting bug will bite and you will get an internal scripting error.l