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    Adobe contract policy is totally not consumer friendly! Premiere CC full of BUGS


      We have a CC package and we use Premier the most. This software gets with every update worse. So many bugs! Even technical staff don't know where the bugs are coming from.


      We want to cancel the contract because the product I'm paying for doesn't deliver what it should. Our business starting to have inpatient clients because we can't deliver videos on time because of major software issues.

      I asked for a place where I can send my complain but they just hand you over to the next so called 'helping' person.


      Please tell me where to place a complain so that I can prove the software is unstable! I want to break my contract without paying 50% !!

      And please don't renew peoples contracts for ONE YEAR with just a little note in your email!!

      It's a pretty high price for **** products. So let us at least choose our self if we want one more year of your bug software or not.