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    Setting Timeline Markers Script in After Effects CS6


      So I'm without my desktop computer for the time being and am using a laptop in its place-which means I do not have access to a numpad. Going out to buy one is my last resort, as I don't have enough leisure time to visit a trusty electronics store. So I downloaded keyED Up, by Jeff Almasol, and I can change shortcuts at will-truly a useful tool. Yet, while I can change all other shortcuts, I found that the "set timeline marker tool" which is typically the "asterisk" key on the numpad is missing from the script list, and the marker list only includes "set composition markers 1-8," and "go to composition markers 1-8." Is this a discrepancy only in my keyEd Up script, or is it not an available option? Is there any other simple way to modify the "set timeline marker" shortcut?