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    Re-loading LR5

    Ayse Burada

      I am a licensed LR user on Mac. Had to re-set up my laptop, now I have to reload LR5 - the earlier serial number received does not work. I followed other comments on the forum (advising to go through order history), I can not find my purchase there. I considered buying claud membership to end this hustle, but questioning just why, as I had already paid for my license...


      Below are the details to my earlier purchase. Could you please guide me? This is very frustrating as I have not been able to get any response from the help desk in Turkey, inspire of various attempts.


      Order number: 12468217425

      Order Date 08 April 2014

      Seller Address:

      Digital River International S.a.r.l.

      98 Boulevard Du Prince

      L-1724 Luxembourg, Luxembourg


      Invoiced to:

      <personal details removed>




      Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

      Upgrade - English - More than one Platform - Download


      Serial Number:

      <serial number removed>



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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          Remove your serial number from the post. This is a public forum.


          If the license was for an earlier version  4 or 3 it will not work for LR5.


          If this is the case then you will need to purchase a upgrade license key.

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            NicHamilton Level 3

            It appears to me that the serial number you've posted above is indeed for an upgrade to version 5.x from an earlier version.  You'll need the serial number from the version you previously had also (ie: version 2.x, 3,x or 4.x).


            As already stated by DdG you shouldn't post your serial number here.

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              Ayse Burada Level 1

              Thanks - this really helps, at least gives a starting point. Unfortunately I have not kept the original version number - any advise how I could retrieve it?


              And, one more help please I see the relevance of your point re the serial number, stupid of me to have overlooked the forum being public... It doe not let me edit/delete the post as there re replies to it... Is there a way I can ask for moderator help here? Searched the menu but could not find my way around...


              Cheers, for helping out a first time user here!

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                Ayse Burada Level 1

                Found the serial number - loaded ok, and found a way to apply to admin. Thanks once again - your guidance has been my way out.