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    How to Disable automatic Tagging when running Imprivata OneSign or other software that calls MS UI Automation API?




      We use a single sign-on Product called "Imprivata OneSign", it reads he screen and when it sees certain fields it fills in people's passwords.  One of the methods they are doing this within Internet Exploer is to use the Microsoft UI Automation API.

      Whenever Imprivata software calls this API Acrobat (Full and Reader) will go into Accessibility mode and try to  call Imprivata DLL's (saw this via Proc Manager) and then it wants to start Tagging each document and do all kinds of other fun stuff.  I am looking for an option to not have Acrobat go into this mode whenever it sees the Microsoft Automation API called.  As a test we even used a MS UI API simulator application and it it also does it, so it's not just the Imprivata OneSign application.


      Any help is greatly appreciated as it's taken our users a ton of time waiting for the tagging to happen, they open hundrets of PDF's a day!


      Thank you,