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    Open my project and everythings blank? I changed class name.. But everythings gone? Heres a link to my project.


      I broke my project! I made a lil christmas tree with labled presents under it for my friends to click on and it will take them to a link where they can get a gift card code i got for them.


      Anwyas.. I swear.. everything was fine.. All i remember doing last was changing the composition class name and the changing the untittled bit at the top to the same. Also, I did accidently open it in an older version of edge since i have 2 copies on my machine but i do that all the time and never broke a project before.. so i donno..


      I zipped up my files. I am kinda desperate to get this fixed.. Its christmas! Iv been working on this forever.. It needs to be done today.. It was perfect.. I just want my files back? Is there anyway?



      Heres my project if anyone wants to take a look... Everything i did is just gone/blank.. D:   http://portalpacific.net/AussieChristmasParty.rar

      Any help REALLY appreciated!!!


      Happy Holidays!