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    AE uses huge amount of memory (computer low on memory error)


      I'm not sure if its just me, but After Effects seems to use a huge amount of memory.


      I'm not doing anything fancy:

      I have a b/w image (2478*774) which I opened in AE. I created a comp (25 frames) with the same dimensions of the image.


      On my timeline I have:

      The image with one mask revealing the image from left to right.

      A white solid with 4 masks (duplicated from the image). I use this layer only to create an edge on the part where the image will be revealed by its own mask.


      According to my Windows Task Manager, AE starts out using 250k of RAM. But after working on my image as described above, after 20 / 30 minutes or so my AE uses about 9gb of RAM, showing a "Computer low on memory" error.

      I can use "Purge > All Memory" and this will give me 20 minutes extra before running out of memory again.


      Now I have upgraded from CS4 to CC just a few weeks ago and haven't used AE a lot since then, but somehow I do not believe this is normal behavior?

      I am sure my memory isn't broken. I do a lot of heavy productions using 3D Studio Max without problems, and this problem never occurred to me on CS4.


      I am working on Windows 7 with 16gb of RAM.

      I have upgraded CC to the latest version (13,2).