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    Red frames on the movie exported

    marina ziche Level 1

      Hi, I exported a project to MPEG2 blu-ray (source XMF files, camera Canon XF100), and I have several red frames within the movie. It's almost unusable. I have tried to do media cache cleaning, re-rendered the effects, but still without success. I work on Macbook Pro with OSx Yosemite. Premiere is 2014.2 v8.1 Caravan build 8.2.0.


      Could someone have experienced this issue?


      Does Adobe have a fix?


      In the meanwhile, I prefer downgrade to CS6, that is rock solid. The problem is the waste of time to start from zero, because the project isn't down-compatible. This is a crazy way by Adobe to handle a downgrade!



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This was fixed in the latest version 8.2.

          Which version are you on 8.1 or 8.2


          Premiere has never been downwards compatible.

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            marina ziche Level 1

            Hi, I still have the issue. I'm using Premiere Pro 2014.2 v8.1 Caravan 8.2.0 (65) build, on Macbook Pro, half 2012, Yosemite 10.10.2. Several red frames in the output exported (MPEG2-bluray) from MXF source (Canon XF100). After several export try, the red frames still remain, but they are located in different positions. I confirm that the same clip exported using Premiere CS6 (and also using Premiere CC 2014.0 v8.0) are OK, without red frames!!! The big issue for me is that the project cannot be opened by previous Premiere releases, and I lost weeks of work!!!


            Adobe, any news? I'm available to give you all the information you ask to test the case.