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    When collecting elements to make a symbol

    gman2014 Level 1

      When collecting elements (shift click) to make a symbol (so that they have their own timeline) the highlight area/collection area once the symbol is made is huge. And it's laying over some of my other symbols making it where I can't click on the symbols beneath it. How do I change the size of the symbol area to only be around the elements I've combining into a symbol?


      What I'm trying to do is highlight graphic menu items. For example, I have a menu across the bottom and if you mouse over Title 1, I want it to animate graphic1, Mouse over Title 2 and it animates graphic 2, Mouse over Title 3 adn it will animate Graphic3, etc. Well, when I collect title 2 and graphic 2 as a symbol, the symbol area is unnecessarily over the top of title 1/graphic1 (it's too big)... so I can't interact with Symbol 1. That that make sense?