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    Where can I get additional movie menu themes?


      I keep upgrading to the latest version of Premiere  Elements hoping that the latest version will have more movie menu themes.  Version 13 seems to have the same as the last version.  I realize I can modify these themes but would like  to have more ready to use.

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          When I looked at the Premiere Elements 13 tryout within a few hours after its release by Adobe back in September 2014, there were 2 new movie menus. They were under the Kids Corner, and there names were Recital and Back to School. There seemed to a bit of confusion in that Kids Corner category since it showed unexplained seemingly duplicated items.


          I have just installed the purchased version and do not find Recital and Back to School in any of the categories. So, it would appear that 12 and 13 do have the same number of theme choices.


          Your best option is in customization of the existing Movie Menus, either from within the program or by customizing them at the .psd level of the

          theme. I can give you very detailed how tos for that. But, you could look at the disc menu disc menu offerings (free or non free) at the subscriber site http://www.muvipix.com.



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            Thanks for your help A.T.R.  There sure seems to be a potential market opportunity for DVD movie themes for Premier Elements.  I do a lot of videos for my Church, therefore some religious ones would be helpful.  Also ones for  Concerts and  the various holidays, especially more Christmas ones.

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              Thanks for the reply.


              I have done a lot of work on Premiere Elements disc menus for my personal use and am glad for the opportunity to share my how tos and ideas. Lots of details, but opportunity to bring a special creativity to the menus. The bottom of the following blog post has a list of some of my work in this area.

              ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Inside the Disc Menu Theme Folder/Files


              Once you do a few of these it gets easier and easier and an interesting challenge to create something special and meaningful.


              Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year and always.



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                Frankly I am very disappointed with the DVD menu themes shipped with PSE 14. It's a weak collection at best, I hoped that there would be some new ones. I upgraded from V11, and the same old tired menu themes are there. The muvipix collection link above is also quite weak and no where near worth the subscription fee. Anybody have a good source? How about ADOBE making some more? I'd pay a reasonable price...

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                  The typical abbreviation for Premiere Elements is PE and that for Photoshop Elements is PSE.


                  Please clarify to what you are referring...


                  1. The Premiere Elements 14 Tools Menu/Movie Menu and its display of menu choices


                  2. Elements Organizer 14 and it choice of themes for its Create/Slideshow feature.


                  3. Both


                  I think it likely that you are referring to "1". There are no new Movie Menus in Premiere Elements 14 as compared to 13. It is the same. In general, the only new Content in 14 seems to be those Motion Titles. Still going through Content.


                  This is not Adobe. You may want to take your request

                  How about ADOBE making some more?

                  to Adobe via its Adobe Feature Request Bug Report Forum. Feature Request/Bug Report Form


                  For an immediate solution, please explore

                  a. customizing the existing Adobe Movie Menus


                  b. creating your own using Photoshop CS and higher.


                  To get some ideas on the can do in regard to a and b, please see

                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Disc Menu Folders/Files Locations