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    how to show filmpstrip in presentation (Photobooth / LR5.7)

    Marc van Beek

      Dear all, need some help.


      Tomorrow on a venue I wil build up a photobooth with camera tethered to laptop (W7, W8/Canon/LR5.7), like I built up some time ago with great success with a previous version of LR.

      Random people press a remote control and after 2 seconds delay the picture is taken of them, without a photographer is present. After this the taken picture is added to the list of pictures and already taken and played in a full screen slideshow, all automatically.


      I use the tether functionality in LR, with USB to the camera. Taking pictures goes well, and pictures are added to the filmstrip.

      While playing the slideshow only pictures are shown that were in the filmpstrip at the time of pressing the PLAY button in the slideshow/presentation module. New pictures are added to the filmpstrip, but ignored and not played.

      (slideshow repeat is on. slideshow manual is off, use all filmstrip photos is selected)


      Please note I have translated the LR-words from my native language, so this can be slightly different in English.


      How do I get the newly taken photos played automatically in the slideshow?


      Thank you very much for your help.

      Marc de Fotograaf.