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    Typekit syncing in CC apps with multiple accounts (corporate team environment)

    neekslowry Level 1

      Could anyone explain if the scenario described below is intentional or a bug:


      - Jane Doe, a designer, creates a PSD or AI file from her adobe id janedoe@email.com and it contains Font A, Font B, Font C

      - John Doe, a developer, downloads the file from the internal network and gets ready to open it in the appropriate CC app while being logged in with the adobe id johndoe@email.com

      - John Doe, not being a designer and new to the project, does not have Font A, Font B, Font C on his machine or added to his Typekit account.

      - To John Doe's delight, when he finally opens said file, he gets a prompt alerting him that the fonts were found on Typekit and if he would like to sync them.

      - John of course selects yes, this will save him time opening the browser and doing it manually himself.

      - John's previous delight now turns to annoyance after being prompted with the message "Unable to sync fonts. Check Creative Cloud desktop application for details".

      - John then spends 5 to 10 mins, finding said fonts and adding them individually to his Typekit account. Thus totally defeating the purpose of having the convenience to sync.



      -When John went to add said fonts, the fonts were already added to typekit for him. He then had to quit creative cloud and restart it.