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    Photoshop CC: Have a template that I moved image into.  Image is too small.  How do I resize the image while in the template?  Or must I go to original image file and resize there again and again until I get the right fit?

    630DeidreO Level 1

      I have a template that I am able to plug different pictures into at different times.  The problem is that when I plug an image into that template, I find that the image is either too big or too small.  Is there a way to plug the image into the template and resize the image (and not the template itself) OR will I have to go to the file with the original image and resize it there and then try to plug it in to the template to see if it fits------and if it does not fit, go back to the original file with the image and resize it again and see if that fits---and so on and so on...........?  I have tried the" image size" option but it's hit or miss------mostly miss!