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    Hello all - I'm working on Mac OS X 10.7.5 using CS6 Photoshop

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      I'm wondering if there is some trick to make the color picker more accurate.  I've seen video tutorials where the presenter paints a lovely path out of the sky and everything matches - I can't make that.  it's always clearly and painfully obvious that an edit has been made.  this is true also in clone stamp color replace, etc.  Is it me?  Thanks for any help!!!

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          It probably has nothing to do with the Color Picker itself but with your use of the color, your workflow, your color management and your Photoshop skills.


          Please show us an example of the problem you see by uploading an image to your favorite FTP site (yousendit.cvom, dropbox, eyc.) and posting the link to it here.  Then give us a detail description of what you did, what tools, what blending modes and opacity of the tools and the layers, whether you painted on your original background or on separate layers, etc.



          Screen shots of your layer panels and brush settings, etc,


          Photoshop is a professional level application that makes no apologies for its very long and steep learning curve.

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            Thanks I'm grateful for your assistance.  As I said, the problem I'm

            having is:


            on picture 1 you see the photo I'd like to retouch - I want to remove the

            bright white sunlight and make a more homogenous sky.  The steps I take are:


            1 open photo (picture 1)


            2 make a duplicate layer of photo


            3 I select the color picker tool and click on a spot in the sky close to the

            area I want the sky to look like in the end (picture 2)


            4 (picture 3) the color picker tool I choose


            4 (picture 4 - you see the chosen color loaded in the front box)


            5 I select a medium-ish tipped brush with 70% hardness (you can see the

            brush selection panel)


            6 You see the picture brushed with 3 opacities of the color on the left side

            of the frame - neither of which is true to the color in the original photo -

            they look pastel-ish  and very flat to me.  The same holds true for my clone

            stamp and color replacement tools - when ever I pick a color or a patter and

            I touch the brush to the canvas, the mark clearly stands out as a clear



            Here's the link to the photo's I'm referencing above: