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    oil paint filter


      I just wanted to let all you folks developing Photoshop how angering and frustrating it is when you

      remove a feature or a filter without making it clear to your users ahead of time. I never would have

      updated Photoshop had I known the Oil Paint filter was going to be yanked. I'm in the middle of a

      project in which it was a crucial feature for me. Now I need to go and load of an old version of PS.

      That is if you didn't kill that option off as well. You folks did the same thing to the iPhone app ...

      when you yanked the creative filters pack .... which we paid for and again found incredibly useful.


      Don't get me wrong .... I love everything you've done with Photoshop since V1 Beta. It's an amazing

      tool that has changed my art and career for the better ... to places I never could have gotten without

      it. But it's pretty short sighted to take out features that people find useful and have based images for

      jobs on having the ability to use.


      You folks just erased my Xmas day as I'll either be reinstalling the old version and making up for the

      time lost today. Or trying to figure out how to simulate the effect .... if that can ever be done. Sorry if

      this comes off as whiny ... not the intention.


      Merry Christmas folks






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          The bad news for you, izoot, is that you're not addressing Adobe here in the user forums.


          You're preaching to the choir—in the desert.


          So, not only are you going to spend some time installing CC (the Oil Paint filter was deprecated in CC2014, but it remains intact in CC), but you just wasted minutes writing this post. 

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            John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            without making it clear to your users ahead of time. I never would have

            updated Photoshop had I known the Oil Paint filter was going to be yanked.


            To be fair to Adobe, this was made clear in their Photoshop blog in April 2014


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              izoot Level 1

              That's nice that they do that. But some of us have a million other things to do besides read blogs.

              I think I own like 665 they ever shipped and v1 beta before that so I have handle on how to use

              the app. Again ... I love Photoshop but I hate when they yank the ability to use filters I spent a ton

              of money on for previous versions and found very important. I hate when they put out that iPhone

              app then offered those "pay for effects" packs. Then they hose all of use who paid to have those

              things and again came to use them and find them useful ... then have them just tossed aside ...

              these guys are genius developers .... how hard could it have been to post these? To top it all

              off PS CC 2014 is dog slow on regular filters it used to fly on. Progress is not always such a good

              thing. It's nice that they are expanding the functionality of PS to 3d, video and all that other crap.

              Unfortunately for use that do artwork that just sits there ... we get screwed in the deal. PS owns

              the market ... all we can do is piss and moan once in awhile. Unfortunate I have to go back to

              old machines with old software to do my work ... but at least I can still do it. Not something I can

              with the current version

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                JoeLib Level 3

                I kept CC and also have CC(2014).


                I need CC for my older 3rd party plugins (and Oil Paint).


                I need CC (2014) for all the new stuff.


                They both can coexist on you computer.


                CC was the last version of Photoshop using FLASH

                CC(2014) is the beginning of Photoshop sans Flash, using HTML5 instead.


                If you have both CC & CC2014 on your computer, there is 1 caveat lurking in Bridge.   You need to go to Bridge's preferences File Associations and check JPG, PSD, TIF, BMP etc. file types to see if they associate to CC or CC(2014).  Change their association to CC(2014) otherwise CC will launch while you are running CC(2014) and that's confusing.

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                  izoot Level 1

                  Thanks thats the route I want. I have been tempted to set up one of my old boxes with ancient verisons

                  of PS. I sure miss my XaosTools, Terrazzo and KPT just to mention a few of the plugin sets that I loved

                  so much but never found the support to port over. Sometimes I consider seeing if I can find any good

                  developers to partner with me on getting some of these old tools ported forward. Probably would cost

                  an arm and a leg between programming and buying the licenses but the new PS users don't know the

                  amazing array of plugs and functionaltiy that antique digital artists like me had access too. Maybe this

                  will be my New Years resolution


                  Happy holidays folks and Happy New Year as well!!


                  Ira Zoot



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