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    H.264 pixel aspect ratio problem after update


      Yesterday I updated Premiere Pro CC and Media Encoder CC to version 2014.2. But now I am having pixel aspect ratio problems with the H.264 codec when I export a 1080i50 sequence to PAL widescreen. The problem also seems to occur with other frames sizes.

      I am using the same settings as usual with Aspect set to: D1/DV PAL Widescreen 16:9.(1.4587). However, VLC and Windows Media Player play the video with a 5:4 ratio. So it looks like the pixel aspect ratio information is not passed to Media Encoder or to the file.

      This problem does not affect other codecs like AVI or MPEG-2, these are correctly displayed.


      Is there anyone else having this problem? And more important, does anyone know a solution?