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    Can I create a smart collection of all images that have been printed?

    cybernorris Level 1

      I shoot large numbers of individuals and groups tethered with a number of frames per individual or group. Each individual or group gets an image printed and I try to use the Pick flag for each image that is printed and try to add their name as a keyword, but occasionally miss one.


      Depending on the size paper in the printer, the image will be edited with a crop. A preset is applied during the import, so that crop is usually the only edit done. If we're printing on 4x6 paper, sometimes that doesn't happen.


      For my catalog with thousands of images, I need to quickly and easily identify ONLY the images that have been printed. This information is contained in the Develop history, but I cannot seem to find a way to create a smart collection that will search the develop history. I have come close with a smart collection of images that have been edited, but this still leaves hundreds of images to look through.


      How can I have a smart collection of only images that have the status of printed in the Develop history?