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    Please do a quick test for me (PC), thank you very much


      Hi there fellow Premiere Pro CC2014 users.

      in relation to this earlier discussion (PremierePro PC 8.2.0 (65) replace footage causes error "The importer reported a generic error")

      Could someone please do me huge a favor and test this simple set up?


      1. create a premiere project
      2. create a sequence
      3. create a black video or color matte
      4. right click the black video or color matte source item in the project bin area  (not the timeline)
      5. Choose "replace footage" and pick any AE project .aep file you have.


      If the feature works as I should, then a window should open showing the content of the AE project (comps)


      if you on the other hand get a "the importer has generated a generic error" window pop up, then the feature is broken and have been so for a while (maybe since CC 6).


      Please write your result back here. Thank you and happy holidays