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    Adding a background to all topics

      Hi again
      I have searched the forum for this and have not found anything. Has anyone got any ideas as to how to add a watermark to every topic on a HTML Help File made using RH HTML (X5.01 with 5.02 upgrade)? In RH for Word, you go to the project settings and can add an image as a watermark there and specify if you want it to scroll with text or not.

      I suppose I can do this on my RH HTML Help File, maybe in my CSS but I am not very familiar with the way CSS files are displayed in RH. Is there a style that relates to a topic body and that is valid for all topics? My watermark is a jpg with the company logo and apart from adding the relevant code in True Code on each topic, I do not know how to do this?

      Thanks in advance for your help.