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    Lenovo Erazer X510



      I've been posting on this forum many threads of different computers because I've been very unsure, hopefully this would be last and I need your opinion here. I'm looking at this Lenovo Erazer X510 computer, the price is very good at my range, would you recommend it for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects? It has only 8GB of Ram but I will be updating that later on. Yes it has i5 processor but as I said, it's perfect for my budget as it's -20%.. I like the graphic card.. Do I buy this one? Thanks and Merry Christmas!


      specs are below



      Desktop Computer Type Intel Core i5

      Processor model i5-4670k

      Processor generation 4th generation

      Number of Cores 4

      Speed (GHz) 3.40

      CPU memory 6 MB

      Haswell processor features

      Chipset Intel Z87



      Memory Type DDR3

      Memory (GB) 8

      The maximum number of (GB) 32

      Bus speed (MHz) 1 600

      Memory slots (pieces) 4

      The free memory spaces 2


      hard disk

      Disk Drives (pieces) 1

      Hard Drive Type SATA HDD 1

      Capacity 1 TB (1000 GB)

      Spindle Speed (RPM) - HDD 1 7200

      Express Cache (GB) - HDD 1 August

      The storage capacity, the total (GB) 1 000


      Sound / Graphics

      Audio - Realtek ALC892 specifications

      Sound Card Type Integrated

      Not Included speakers

      Comes with a subwoofer Not

      Video card type Own

      Graphic Card NVIDIA brand

      Graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 770

      Display driver's own memory of 2 GB

      Shared memory 1.8 GB