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    Lightroom 5 on Mac OSX Lion very buggy.


      None of the tools work. When I click on the spot removal tool, change the settings, then click on the image, Lightroom minimizes the entire image and selects an image that I am not working on. Also, upon importing photos, I cannot chose just one or two photos from the group as I could this morning. Lightroom will not allow me to select photos individually or using the shift key. I can only select "all" or "none." I just purchased Lightroom this morning but have been using Adobe CS products for 10 years now. I am not using a mouse but rather my computer's touch pad. Touch pad works fine on all other applications.



      I installed the latest update of Lightroom 5 and nothing changed.

      As soon as Apple fixes the issue with my Apple ID (I'm locked out, long story short), I will upgrade to OSX Yosemite in the hopes that that will fix these problems.