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    Need Help! Auto Fitting Video Player to Video


      I've built a custom FLV player using various different sources, so you can imagine, It's been really customized. However, I've lost the simple ability to have the player wrap itself around the native resolution of the video (FLV, or SWF).

      Here's the function that deals with the sizeing of the video display withing my player.

      private function setVideoSize()
      //main_window._x = video._x ;
      video._x = 0;
      if (ctrlTop)
      video._y = controllerBGMiddle._y+controllerBGMiddle._height;
      attached_mc._y = controllerBGMiddle._y+controllerBGMiddle._height;
      video._y = 17;
      attached_mc._y = 17;

      video._width = 367
      video._height = 252

      moreinfo_mc._x = video._x+2-1;
      moreinfo_mc._y = video._y+3-1;
      moreinfo_mc.background._width = video._width-4+2;
      moreinfo_mc.background._height = video._height +2+1;
      moreinfo_mc.moreinfo_txt._width = moreinfo_mc.background._width*2-2 +50;
      moreinfo_mc.moreinfo_txt._height = moreinfo_mc.background._height-2;

      I want to bassically set the bolded code to take the native resolution of the .FLV or SWF file instead of setting it manually. Many of you may already know that if a FLV or SWF is off by even .1 the video is distorted.

      Any help would be Greatly apreicated.

      Thanks in advance