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    Will the 840 EVO limit the potential of the 850 Pro in this setup?

    johnt53984649 Level 2

      Consider the following setup for use with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 as well as After Effects CC 2014 (I would mostly be rendering/exporting to .mp4 or h.264 using AVCHD source media):


      Motherboard: MSI X99S Gaming 7

      OS: Windows 8.1 Pro

      CPU: Intel 5960x (8 cores, 3.0 ghz, 20 mb cache)

      GPUs: 2 SLI GTX 970s

      RAM: 32 GB


      250 Samsung 840 EVO for OS, Pagefile, and Programs

      1TB Samsung 850 Pro for Media Cache, Exports, Original/Source Media Files, Previews, and Projects.


      Considering the aforementioned setup, would the 840 EVO, in any way shape or form, limit the potential of the 850 pro during any type of rendering/exporting/reading?  I doubt it because most of the work is being done on the 1TB 850 Pro, but I don't really know for sure.  Considering that the application itself has to be read and is operating on the 840 Pro, I genuinely don't know if it will potentially bottleneck the 850 Pro during these crucial processes.  Can anybody point me straight here?  On top of that, is there any other way that you might recommend allocating the different file types in the above setup?