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    Search Button Help

    casiew Level 1
      So im creating this map where you see a neighborhood, and on this neighborhood you can see what lots are sold and what lots arent. On the ones that are sold ive created buttons that connect you to a picture of the house. Then from there you can look at more pictures of the house by use of another button (simply says more pictures). Well ive got all that working great but now i need to add a search button to it. Im brand new to flash so im kinda doing things as they work and not necessarily the right way. Well ive got the first scene set to the neighborhood but instead of just using the frames there for the lots i made new scenes for the lots (so each scene is a different house, and on that scene the different frames are the other pictures for that house) So i just need help trying to make the search effect (if there is one) work. Im not sure if it can go from scene to scene or not but whatever help is great.
      thank you,