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    premiere pro cc 2014 new update terribly slow, previous versions available?


      recently updated to the newest version of premiere pro in the middle of a project. ( silly, i know) been experiencing so many problems. specifically lag in the program and rendering previews. ive searched all over threads and google for what could be causing the problem to no avail. also have tried uninstalling, cleaner tool, reinstalling. tried changing permissions. at this point i just want to revert back to CC or at least 8.01 but i cannot find any links or a way to return to a previous version of premiere. any help?


      Im using a mac book pro with osx Yosemite

      dual core 2.2 250gb ssd boot and 750gb 7200 rpm internal

      not the beefiest system by any means but it was workable, up until recently.

      im at my wits end with this.