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    Import bookmarks made on Digital Editions of e-book/PDF to Kobo Aura?


      Hi there


      I was wondering how one could import bookmarks made on a PDF / E-book on Digital Editions to a Kobo Aura? I have a large dictionary that is unfortunately just a PDF and there are no contents or links available. The bookmarks that I laboured to make for each letter of the alphabet (in both languages!) tonight haven't synced to my Kobo. I tried removing the book from my device and then resyncing the edited one from Digital Editions but it didn't seem to work. I really hope I didn't waste my time...


      If I can't do this, is there a way to manually do this on the Kobo Aura? It wouldn't take too long if I make a note of the page numbers on the computer and then just make them on the e-reader itself. Otherwise, the dictionary will be too hard to use and I may as well get out the dead tree one as it will be faster. I just don't want to take my huge geeky dictionary while I'm away... a discreet e-reader would be both a little less embarrassing and also help keep down luggage concerns