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    Elements wont run without disk in drive?


      I installed Photoshop and Elements 13 yesterday.  Entered required serial number today (student version).  Photo Shop seems to run okay.  But Elements will not run without disk in the drive.  Why is that?  That can not be correct?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          On what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 13 running?


          Are saying that, when you open Premiere Elements 13, you get a No Disc error? Or are you saying that your can open and use Premiere Elements 13 only when you have the disc in the burner tray?


          There is a known issue with Premiere Elements 13 and a No Disk error message which involves the OldFilm.AEX file.In this case, that file needs to be deleted or disabled in order to get rid of the No Disk error.


          If other than above, then I would suggest Premiere Elements 13 uninstall, free ccleaner run through, reinstall with antivirus and firewall(s) disabled.


          Please supply more information and then I will fill in more how to details.


          Thank you.



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            ccaandrews22 Level 1

            I do get a No Disk error.

            It says:  There is no disk in the drive.  Please insert a disk into drive E.

            If I do put the disk in, it works.  But that seems crazy to have to do that after I spent 2 hours yesterday installing photoshop and elements (yes, it took 2 hours).

            I have Windows 7.  3 GB, 64 bit operating system.

            Adobe Premier is so slow.............bought this for my 13 year old and she is getting frustrated.

            It will work (but slow) but only if the disk is in the drive.  I took the disc out, put it back in the box last night (after installing) and then today, after booting up and opening the program, I get the about error.

            I saw the suggestion of going in and taking out drive E, but why would I want to do that?  I use drive E in other programs.  I need it.

            Also, why so slow? 

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Please look at the suggestion of PRE_help that was included in the thread

              Newly installed Premiere Element 13 won't run.


              Could you try removing the Old Film effect from the installed location of Premiere Elements 13 and then try to launch the app? The exact file to be removed is (assuming you have installed it in the default location)

              Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 13\Plug-Ins\Common\NewBlue\OldFilm.AEX


              While we are not 100% certain this is to blame, we have seen internally that this has fixed the problem in some cases. Let us know if this helps.



              Premiere Elements Team


              You can delete the OldFilm.AEX or disable it by renaming the file from OldFilm.AEX to OldFilm.AEXOLD.


              This has worked for many in the Premiere Elements 13 No Disc situation.


              Please let us know if that works for you. Then we can discuss your other questions about Premiere Elements workflows. Depending on your type of project, that 3 GB of installed RAM seems low for editing of high resource demanding formats and working with large projects. Your Premiere Elements 13 on Windows 7 64 bit is a 64 bit application with the potential for using all the increased computer resources of that situation - which means more than 4 GB installed RAM.


              Looking forward to your follow up.



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                ccaandrews22 Level 1

                Removing Old Film did the trick for the requirement of inserting the disk and keeping it inserted.  So that problem is solved.  Disk is back in box for good.


                Now our biggest issue is the speed.  Although it is working (but slowly) it did stop twice today and just started "spinning" for no reason while my daughter was composing a project.  My daughter waited 1 hour, spinning continued and she lost all of her work.


                As a parent, I feel very disappointed for her that she can not use her "prize" Christmas gift.  My only guess is our computer needs more RAM?  or GB?  Seemed like we had enough, but maybe not.  Can't really afford to go out and buy a new computer so I am at a loss on how to solve this particular problem.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for reporting that the Premiere Elements 13 No Disc OldFilm.AEX fix worked for you. Great job of follow through on that.


                  Let us explore the computer resources so we can rule it in or out a factor and not take anything for granted.


                  The installed RAM of 3 GB is a good target for the troubleshooting.

                  And, how much free hard drive space does your computer have - all from Local Disk C or do you have supplemental external and internal

                  hard drives? In Premiere Elements Expert workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks, where are the Scratch Disks categories directed

                  and how much free space is at that location?


                  Adding more RAM module to the computer is inexpensive and you could probably get your installed RAM to 4 to 8 GB under $100 US Dollars.

                  You need to check out the RAM slots on your computer motherboard to determine what it allows.


                  What is the processor and clock speed that the computer uses?


                  But do not overlook the properties of your source media as contributing to the performance issues in the program. In all of this, have you gotten

                  any display card errors?


                  For informational rather than promotional purposes, you might explore the Crudial web site for advise on the installed RAM situation.



                  You can look into an overall computer optimization using a run through of the free ccleaner program



                  Please review the whole situation before you move forward on any one particular factor. We can discuss this further then.



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                    can't duplicate text

                    I had the same problem.  Removing the file OldFilm.AEX worked for me.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks. Great information to have that the OldFilm.AEX deletion worked for you to get rid of the No Disc error in version 13.