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    Premier Pro CC 7.2.2 crashes on launch in Windows 7, probably self inflicted problem...

    bobw111 Level 1

      I installed PPCC 7.2.2 because I wanted to test the content analyzer to text functionality.


      I started the software, loaded a file, and started the analyzer.  It then passed this over to Media Encoder as expected and the process chugged along merrily for about 30 minutes.  At which point I got bored and decide to stop the process and use a much smaller file to test with.


      So, despite years of experience and knowing better I tried stopping the process, and when it wouldn't end I used the Windows Task Manager to kill the process in Media Encoder.


      Now when I try to start Premier Pro CC 7.2.2 it crashes on launch and gives me the very descriptive message "Adope Premier Pro CC has stopped working."


      My initial attempt to fix this was to uninstall PPCC 7.2.2 and reinstall it.  That didn't help.


      Based on 38+ years of programming experience I suspect there is a corrupted temp file floating around that PPCC is finding when it launches.  So, I looked every place I could think of for temp files and/or crash dumps and deleted them all.


      All the "crash on launch" discussions I have found so far refer to MAC systems, so I'm not sure where to look to repair the damage.


      Anyone have any ideas on "the most likely" cause of the problem and what I need to clean up to fix it?


      Thanks, Bobw