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    23.976 with Wraptor DCP


      I have a project in Premiere Pro CC 2014 with a frame rate of 23.976. I recorded the footage with the Canon 5D Mk3 and this framerate came out of the camera with the 24fps setting.

      Now I will have a screening at a local cinema, which requests a DCP for its digital cinema projector. As I recently upgraded to the 2014 version of PP, the Wraptor DCP export setting comes very handy. The problem is, the only framerate that DCP offers, is 24fps. Is that a problem when exporting? Will I have timing/sync problems?


      Hopefully someone can answer that question, thanks in advance!

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          roma_gray Level 1

          Your DCP will work BUT there is huge caveat.  If you send the rapture plugin a source file that is not already at 24.00 fps it will interpolate frames to get you 24.00.  In other words, it doesn't change the length at all, it simply messes with your lovingly crafted video to spit something out at 24,00.  A better bet is for you to do the conversion from 23.976 to 24.00 yourself.  A simple workflow on Mac is to take a ProRes master of your video, open that in Cinema Tools, conform it to 24.00.  This will make your file playback at 24.00. It's a fraction of a percent slower and will lengthen the TRT by a fraction, but if you make sure your audio files are baked into the master they will stay in sync.    Then, run your file through Wraptor and it won't mess with your frames.  BTW, neither Adobe or Wraptor explain this anywhere, it took some work by very careful folks who tested it to figure out how it works.  I find in infuriating that they refuse to publish proper documentation for a feature they constantly mention in their marketing.