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    ifStatement question

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      I have an ifStatement that I am using to drive a preloader that has
      frames. It looks something like this:

      movieloader_mclListener.onLoadProgress = function(target:MovieClip,
      numBytesLoaded:Number, numBytesTotal:Number):Void {

      if (numBytesLoaded/numBytesTotal>=0 && numBytesLoaded/numBytesTotal<0.10) {

      } else if (numBytesLoaded/numBytesTotal>=0.10 &&
      numBytesLoaded/numBytesTotal<0.20) {

      } else if (numBytesLoaded/numBytesTotal>=0.20 &&
      numBytesLoaded/numBytesTotal<0.30) {

      } and so forth...


      The problem is it now flickers, playing from the label, but then going
      back to the label once the onLoadProgress calls the ifStatement again.
      How can I do this? I want it to only play once from each label?

      Thank you!