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    Running ADE 1.7.2 under Wine - have to (re-)authorize every time

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      I use Linux as my OS (specifically Mint 17.1 aka Rebecca, amd64) and therefore the only way for me to use my e-books offline is to run Digital Editions under Wine.  As you all probably know, ADE versions 2.0 and greater are broken in Wine - but I have been lucky enough to have found a copy of ADE version 1.7.2 that seems to work perfectly - at least, it did - until recently.  After recently installing it in a new wineprefix (i.e., virtual windows installation) I find that every time I start the program I have to re-authorize using my Adobe ID.  The authorization doesn't seem to persist between launches - after re-authorizing each time I am able to use it fine as long as I don't close the program.  My concern is that I will hit some kind of limit on the number of authorizations, and be in an even more painful situation than I'm already in, having to re-type the info every time I start.  I am pretty certain that using the same version of digital editions on the same machine, same Wine, etc., I only had to authorize once previously.  I have no idea what I might have done to change this.  Has anyone else had this experience? 


      Also, in case anyone from Adobe does in fact look at these posts, I have a more important question:  When exactly are Linux users going to get an actual Linux version of Adobe Digital Editions?  I can't imagine what could possibly be taking so long!  If I can run ADE on my Linux box, albeit in a "hacky," unsupported manner through an emulator, any actual technical argument that it simply isn't possible goes out the window, doesn't it?  So then what is Adobe's motivation for failing to release even the most rudimentary version of this software that none of us exactly opted into?  I suspect I may have partly answered my own question - but still, I genuinely can't come up with a plausible reason that the company would just throw out a good percentage of their loyal (I guess more like "captive") user base?


      Many Thanks,