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    impotent custom scrolling

      ok everybody...here's my problem:
      I'm working in flash mx (the version preceding the latest and greatest, i gather). When I first made this site, I either wasn't confident in using components, or i wasn't satisfied with the options the scroling components allowed me, so i decided to script my own scrollbar. It's really simple and it works, except for the fact that you have to repetitively click the up and down arrows to get them to move the scroll pane more than 1 line. In other words, you cannot hold down the mouse over the up and down arrows to create a continuous scroll. I want to be able to do this, I just don't know how to script it. The site is up and running, as it is functional for the most part, I'd just like to work out this kink (and a few others i may be asking you all about later).

      so here's the URL:
      (the offending scroll bars can be found in the "journal" section, which is accessed through the quotation mark icon at the bottom of the interface--amongst other sections)

      and this is the offending script from the down arrow in the journal section:
      on (press) {
      journalText.scroll += 1;

      i'm guessing it has something to do with that 1, but dunno what to replace it with. thanks for any help which you can be.
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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          Hey before i help - kudos on a nice simple site. i like the seagull? curly bracket? buttons.

          The following code should assist with the your scroll box's potency... basically it does the following: when the user clicks on a button, it first scrolls the text box(as you have already coded). then it will set an interval, that will continue to scroll at every [duration] milliseconds. When the user releases their finger off the up or down buttons, the interval is cleared.

          This code makes the assumption that your up and down buttons have instance names 'up' and 'down' and your text box has the instance name 'journalText'.

          good luck with it!
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            spnitch Level 1
            thanks much!!! your code works like a dream. the revised site is not live yet, but check it out in a week or so and text will be continuously scrolling all over the place.!

            in the mean time, i've had a request from the client which i don't really know how to deal with--and which I think may be impossible...tell me what you think:

            she wants to be able to update the "links" section with new links on her own, without having to open the actual flash file--she's not too savvy with all this web stuff and she'd be affraid to mess something up. the other text sections are updated remotely, via external text files, but of course they do not necessitate any interactivity with the actual text as links need to. I have no idea how--if at all possible--to make it so that she can add new links and also code those links to tell flash/the browser where the links should go, all without her having to touch flash. got any suggestions, or should i just teach her a bit of actionScript.?

            P.S. thanks for the compliments on the site, and again for all the help in making it better.
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              Craig Grummitt Level 3
              i don't know if you' ve used them before, (if not you could be in for a little bit of a learning curve), but the simplest way to allow your client to update content (without making her install flash and introducing her to action-script, which is all preferably avoidable) would be to get her to update an xml file. The flash file would dynamically update content/links etc via this file.