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    Color labels of clips lost??

    dv416 Level 1

      I usually pick selects out of raw footage using labels. Red, orange, green,etc. I did a pass on my latest work project, doing these labels the other day, and now I return to the project today to find all the labels gone. ALL of the footage is now the default blue color.


      I would think - oh maybe I forgot to save or something. Not the case. First off, these label issues also exist in the most recent auto-saves. But that's not the weird part. The weird part is that all of the actual CUTS I made to my raw footage - the in and out points for each select - are completely INTACT. It's just the label colors that are gone.


      In fact one of the last changes I made to the project - adding a quick Curves adjustment to the final clip - is ALSO still intact. So its not that the work I did is lost - its that just the label information didn't make it somehow.


      Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is this a glitch?


      Latest Premiere CC 2014.2

      Mac OS X 10.10.1