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    Lightroom Previews Different (Worse) Than In Camera or in Windows Explorer


      I'm using Lightroom on a Windows 8.1 Computer. When I look at at image (JPEG or RAW - I shoot both) in Windows Explorer, it looks just fine. However, when I look at it in Lightroom, there is often a green blocky area/cast around hair or certain areas of light or skin. I know that sometimes the JPEG and RAW previews will differ slightly from each other, but I don't understand why the originals show up differently in different programs.


      Image (.NEF RAW) in Windows Explorer

      Screenshot (13).png

      Same Image in Lightroom (Look at the 'before')

      Screenshot (12).png

      Is this an issue I can fix in Lightroom? Is it an issue with my photography or camera?


      I shot this image with my Nikon D5100 and the Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm VR Lens.